when will youtube shorts be monetized?

As YouTube continues to expand its platform, many creators are eagerly anticipating the monetization of YouTube Shorts. With its rising popularity and increasing number of creators jumping on board, it’s no wonder why so many are wondering, “When will YouTube Shorts be monetized?” This article aims to provide the latest updates, criteria, and requirements for Shorts’ monetization.

Key Takeaways:

  • YouTube Shorts is the platform’s answer to the short-form video trend.
  • Creators are eagerly anticipating monetization options for their Shorts content.
  • Stay updated on YouTube’s official announcements for the latest information on Shorts monetization.

Understanding YouTube Shorts Monetization Guidelines

If you’re a creator looking to monetize your content on YouTube Shorts, it’s essential to understand the guidelines set by YouTube. These guidelines determine eligibility for monetization and ensure that only high-quality content is rewarded.

First and foremost, creators must adhere to YouTube’s overall Community Guidelines, which prohibit content that is violent, hateful, sexually explicit, or promotes harmful or dangerous activities. Additionally, Shorts content must follow specific guidelines that apply specifically to this format.

YouTube requires that Shorts videos be vertical, have a duration of no more than 60 seconds, and be filmed in portrait mode. The thumbnail image must accurately represent the content, and creators must avoid using misleading titles or tags.

In terms of content, Shorts videos must be original and not contain any copyrighted material unless it falls under fair use. Creators must also avoid using excessively repetitive or low-quality content that could be seen as spammy or deceptive.

In addition to these content guidelines, creators must also meet eligibility requirements for YouTube’s overall Partner Program, such as having at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months. Once those requirements are met, creators need to join the YouTube Partner Program and enable monetization for their Shorts videos in the YouTube Studio dashboard.

By staying up to date on YouTube Shorts monetization guidelines and working to create high-quality, original content, creators can position themselves for success once monetization becomes available.

YouTube shorts monetization guidelines

YouTube Shorts Monetization Timeline

As of now, YouTube has not released an official timeline for the monetization of Shorts. However, the company has stated that it plans to roll out monetization options for Shorts creators in the near future.

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It is important to note that YouTube is still in the early stages of developing its Shorts feature. As such, the company is likely taking a cautious approach when it comes to monetization, in order to ensure a positive user experience for both creators and viewers.

That being said, YouTube has made it clear that Shorts monetization is a top priority for the company, and it is working diligently to make this happen as soon as possible. It is likely that the rollout of monetization options for Shorts will be phased in gradually, with only a select number of creators initially eligible to monetize their Shorts content.

YouTube shorts monetization timeline

Creations of Shorts are advised to keep an eye on YouTube’s official communications, as the company is likely to make a public announcement once monetization options for Shorts become available. In the meantime, creators should focus on building their Shorts audience, experimenting with different content formats, and refining their production skills.

Key takeaways:

  • YouTube has not announced an official timeline for the monetization of Shorts
  • Monetization is a top priority for the company, but it is taking a cautious approach to ensure a positive user experience
  • Rollout of monetization options for Shorts is likely to be phased in gradually as YouTube continues to develop the feature
  • Creators should stay updated on YouTube’s official communications regarding Shorts monetization

YouTube Shorts Monetization Options

YouTube Shorts creators will have various options for monetizing their content. A popular monetization method is through ad revenue. YouTube plans to include Shorts in its revenue sharing program for creators, where they earn a percentage of the revenue generated from ads displayed on their videos.

In addition, Shorts creators will also have the opportunity to collaborate with brands and participate in brand deals. This can be an effective way to monetize their content beyond ad revenue. For instance, a creator could partner with a clothing company and showcase their products in a Short video.

Another monetization option is by hosting live streams. YouTube has been heavily investing in live streaming and creators will have the chance to earn sponsorships, donations, and other forms of revenue during their streams.

YouTube may also introduce other monetization options specific to Shorts in the future, so creators should stay updated on any official announcements.

YouTube Shorts monetization options image

It’s important to note that monetization options may vary depending on a creator’s location and other factors. For instance, certain ad formats and placements may not be available in all countries. Creators should familiarize themselves with YouTube’s monetization policies and guidelines to ensure they are following all the rules and regulations.

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In the next section, we will discuss the specific requirements that creators need to meet in order to qualify for monetization of their YouTube Shorts videos.

YouTube Shorts Monetization Requirements

With the announcement of YouTube Shorts, many creators are eagerly waiting for the eligibility criteria for monetizing their content. To monetize YouTube Shorts, creators have to follow YouTube’s guidelines and requirements before they can start earning revenue from their content.

Firstly, creators must comply with YouTube’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. Otherwise, their content will not be eligible for monetization. Secondly, the content must be original and not infringe any third-party copyright laws. Additionally, it must be suitable for all audiences with no depiction of harmful or dangerous activities.

Moreover, the Shorts content must have at least one of these characteristics:

  • Original music
  • Mashup of two or more tracks
  • Reusing audio from the YouTube library
  • Using YouTube approved music

Furthermore, the Shorts video must not contain any watermark or logos, except for the creator’s channel logo. The video must also have a minimum length of 15 seconds and a maximum length of 60 seconds.

In addition to the above requirements, the channel must meet a few eligibility criteria to qualify for YouTube Shorts monetization. The channel must have more than 1000 subscribers and comply with the YouTube Partner Program policies. Also, the channel must have at least 4000 hours of watch time in the past 12 months.

Overall, meeting all the requirements and YouTube’s criteria for monetizing Shorts content is crucial for creators to start earning revenue. It’s essential to stay updated with YouTube’s official announcements regarding the monetization of Shorts to stay ahead of the game and increase earnings.

YouTube shorts monetization requirements

“Creators must comply with YouTube’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. Otherwise, their content will not be eligible for monetization.”


YouTube Shorts has the potential to revolutionize the way we consume short-form video content, and the prospect of monetization has already set the creator community abuzz. With YouTube releasing regular updates and guidelines on Shorts monetization, it is important to stay up to date with the latest news to make the most of this exciting opportunity.

As of now, YouTube has not announced an official timeline for the monetization of Shorts. However, with the platform’s history of introducing new monetization features, it is safe to assume that the process will be rolled out gradually over the coming months. Creators interested in monetizing their Shorts content should keep an eye on YouTube’s official announcements for any updates.

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YouTube has also provided guidelines for Shorts monetization, which include several eligibility requirements. To be eligible for monetization, creators must have an active AdSense account, follow YouTube’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service, and comply with the platform’s copyright and monetization policies. Additionally, Shorts videos must be original content, and not include any copyrighted or reused material.

Once Shorts monetization becomes available, creators will be able to earn revenue through a variety of options, including ad revenue and brand partnerships. The specific monetization options available to creators may vary depending on their location and channel size.

In conclusion, YouTube Shorts monetization is an exciting opportunity for creators looking to earn revenue through short-form video content. While we don’t yet have a specific timeline for the rollout of monetization, creators can prepare by reviewing the guidelines and ensuring they meet the eligibility requirements. We encourage creators to stay informed about updates and guidelines from YouTube, and to continue creating engaging Shorts content for their audiences.


Q: When will YouTube Shorts be Monetized?

A: YouTube has not provided a specific date for when Shorts will be eligible for monetization. However, they have stated that they are actively working on the feature and will provide updates as they become available.

Q: What are the YouTube Shorts Monetization Guidelines?

A: YouTube has set guidelines for monetizing Shorts content, which includes factors such as adhering to community guidelines, having an eligible channel, and meeting specific views and subscriber thresholds.

Q: What is the Timeline for YouTube Shorts Monetization?

A: The exact timeline for the monetization of YouTube Shorts has not been announced. YouTube is currently in the process of developing the necessary infrastructure and systems to support monetization for Shorts creators.

Q: What Monetization Options are available for YouTube Shorts?

A: YouTube will offer various monetization options for Shorts creators, including earning ad revenue from Shorts videos, participating in brand partnerships and sponsorships, and potentially accessing other monetization features in the future.

Q: What are the Requirements for YouTube Shorts Monetization?

A: To qualify for monetization of YouTube Shorts, creators need to meet specific requirements, such as having an eligible channel, adhering to YouTube’s policies and guidelines, and reaching certain thresholds for views and subscribers.

Q: Is there any Conclusion?

A: The conclusion of this article summarizes the main points discussed and emphasizes the importance of staying informed about official announcements from YouTube regarding the monetization of Shorts.


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