why does youtube keep deleting my comments
Frustrated by vanishing YouTube comments? Discover why YouTube keeps deleting your comments and learn how to avoid common pitfalls in content moderation.

I’ve seen my YouTube comments disappear a lot, and it’s really frustrating. If you’re having the same problem, you’re not alone. YouTube’s system for removing comments is complex and can be tough for users.

YouTube has rules to keep the site safe and fun for everyone. But sometimes, these rules can cause comments to disappear. Most of the time, it’s because of violating YouTube’s user guidelines. It’s key to know how YouTube’s system works to avoid this in the future.

Key Takeaways

  • YouTube’s automatic detection systems scan comments for potential violations
  • Comments may disappear after refreshing the page
  • Switching browsers might temporarily resolve comment visibility issues
  • Excessive posting or repetitive comments can be flagged as spam
  • Sharing links or overusing emojis may trigger comment removal

Understanding YouTube’s Comment Moderation System

YouTube’s comment moderation system is key to keeping the platform safe and respectful. It uses different methods to manage comments. This helps make sure everyone has a good experience.

Automatic Detection and Removal

YouTube has advanced algorithms to check comments for Community Guidelines violations. These systems can quickly remove comments that break the rules. This stops censorship and keeps the comments clean.

Community Guidelines Violations

Comments that break YouTube’s rules get removed. This includes hate speech, spam, and harassment. YouTube has removed more hate speech comments by 46 times since 2019. Posting too many comments or using too many emojis can also get comments removed.

User Reporting System

YouTube counts on its community to flag inappropriate comments. Users can report comments that don’t follow the rules. If a reported comment is found to be bad, it gets removed. This way, everyone works together to keep comments positive.

“We’re implementing a new feature where creators can avoid reading hurtful comments on their channel, automatically held for review.”

YouTube uses automated systems, clear rules, and user help to balance free speech with responsible moderation. This helps make a place for meaningful talks while reducing harmful interactions.

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Why Does YouTube Keep Deleting My Comments?

I’ve seen my YouTube comments disappear a lot lately. It’s frustrating to write thoughtful comments only to have them vanish. YouTube’s rules for managing content are complex, and youtube comment removal is done for many reasons.

YouTube’s automated systems work hard to keep up with the huge amount of content. With over 500 hours of video uploaded every minute, AI helps manage it all. From October to December 2021, YouTube removed 1.2 billion comments for breaking the rules.

When comments get deleted, it raises free speech concerns. But YouTube must balance letting users express themselves with keeping the community safe. Comments can be removed for several reasons, like:

  • Spam or misleading content
  • Hate speech or harassment
  • Copyright infringement
  • Inappropriate language

If your comments keep disappearing, check your browser settings. I found that custom filters in my browser were hiding my comments. Clearing site data or making a new profile might fix these issues.

“Understanding YouTube’s content moderation policies can help users navigate the platform more effectively and reduce the chances of comment removal.”

Channel owners can also manage comments on their videos. They might block certain words or review comments before they’re shown. This makes YouTube’s comment system even more complex.

Channel-Specific Moderation Practices

YouTube gives channel owners powerful tools to manage their comment sections. These tools help create a positive community while following YouTube’s rules.

Comment Review Process

Many channels use a review system to filter comments. This catches harmful content before it goes live. Here’s how it works:

  • Comments are held for approval
  • Channel owners or moderators review each comment
  • Approved comments are published
  • Rejected comments stay hidden

Blocked Words and Phrases

Channels can block certain terms. Comments with these words won’t show up. It stops hate speech and keeps the atmosphere friendly. This system helps fight against harassment.

Manual Comment Removal

Channel owners and moderators can delete comments anytime. This gives them full control over discussions. It’s important for enforcing rules and suspending accounts for repeat offenders.

“We want to empower creators to shape the conversation on their channels while keeping our community safe,” says a YouTube spokesperson.

These practices help channels follow YouTube’s rules. They make spaces where viewers can chat freely without fear of harassment or bullying.

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Technical Issues and Glitches

Sometimes, my YouTube comments just disappear without any warning. This can be really frustrating, especially when I’m trying to have a good conversation. It makes me wonder if it’s about youtube censorship or just a technical glitch.

YouTube comment glitches

Not every issue is about free speech concerns. I’ve seen comments vanish after refreshing the page or when trying to edit them. It’s key to know the difference between intentional moderation and technical problems.

Here are some steps I take when my comments get deleted:

  • Refresh the page and check if the comment reappears
  • Try posting the comment again
  • Switch to a different browser or device
  • Clear browser cache and cookies
  • Check YouTube’s status page for any reported issues

If these steps don’t help, the issue might be with YouTube’s moderation, not a glitch. In that case, I check my comment to make sure it follows the rules and doesn’t set off any filters.

“Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.” – Christian Lous Lange

Understanding the difference between technical problems and content regulation helps me use YouTube’s comment sections better. This way, I can have meaningful conversations without getting frustrated.

Navigating YouTube’s Comment Sections

YouTube’s comment sections let you connect with creators and other viewers. Knowing how to use these options makes your experience better. It also helps you follow the rules.

Sorting Comments

There are two main ways to sort comments on YouTube:

  • Top comments: This view shows comments that might start discussions because they got a lot of attention.
  • Newest first: Comments are listed in the order they came in, so you see the latest ones first.

These options help keep discussions focused and fresh. They also make sure everyone gets a chance to share their thoughts.

Channel Member Perks

YouTube has special perks for channel members:

  • Members comments view: This is only for Android users and shows comments from people who support the channel.
  • Comments by members: A special section in the Top comments view that highlights what members have to say.
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These perks make members feel more seen and valued. They encourage more people to get involved. And they help keep the comments respectful.

Comment Visibility

YouTube filters out spam, fake accounts, and content that breaks the rules. This keeps the place safe for everyone.

“YouTube’s comment moderation system aims to create a respectful and engaging community for creators and viewers alike.”

By learning about these features, I can join in on YouTube discussions in a smart way. I can follow the rules and still have fun.


YouTube’s comment removal process can be tricky to understand. Knowing the platform’s content moderation policies helps avoid frustration. The system aims to keep users safe while balancing free speech and community safety.

Channel owners have a big say in what comments get removed on YouTube. They can use filters and delete comments by hand. This means what’s okay on one channel might not be okay on another. It’s a good idea to check a channel’s rules before posting.

Sometimes, technical issues can cause comments to disappear. If you’re sure you didn’t break any rules, you might want to contact YouTube support. They can look into any system errors that might be affecting your comments.

In the end, knowing YouTube’s guidelines and respecting channel-specific rules is important. It keeps discussions lively and respectful. This makes YouTube a better place for sharing ideas.


Why does YouTube keep deleting my comments?

YouTube deletes comments for many reasons. This includes automatic removal for breaking Community Guidelines, reports of bad content, and channel rules. Sometimes, it’s due to technical problems on the site.

How does YouTube’s automatic detection system work for comment moderation?

YouTube uses automatic systems to check comments for rule-breaking. These systems can delete comments on their own if they spot a violation.

What happens if my comment violates YouTube’s Community Guidelines?

If your comment breaks YouTube’s rules, it might get removed. This can happen automatically or after other users report it.

Can channel owners moderate comments on their channel?

Yes, channel owners can manage comments. They can review comments before they go live, block certain words, and remove comments manually.

Why do my comments sometimes disappear after refreshing the page or switching browsers?

Sometimes, YouTube’s technical issues can make comments vanish. Changing browsers might fix the problem. If not, you might need to contact YouTube support.

How does the “Top comments” view on YouTube work?

“Top comments” shows comments likely to be popular and engaging. Comments marked as spam or not suitable won’t be seen here.

Are channel member comments more visible on YouTube?

On Android devices, “Members comments” shows posts from channel members. These comments might also be highlighted in “Comments by members” in the Top comments section.


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